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The artificial Christmas tree that grows

BY Barley

Here at Barley Print we are experts in printing and producing calendars. We create more than 600,000 of them every year! We are sticklers for quality and attention to detail so inevitably there are some that don't make the grade and never make it out into the world.
As an environmentally responsible company we obviously recycle the vast majority of our paper and cardboard materials, but we were briefly puzzled by how to recycle the unique 4-to-the-inch wire binding that ensures all our calenders lie completely flat while they hang on the wall year round. Until now….
As you can see in the picture, our Barley factory Christmas tree is a towering six foot of recycled steel wire coils and end of reel wire, made by our very own Barley Director, Stuart. We think he may have invented the only artificial Christmas tree that will grow each year and in a few Christmases’ time it will reach the roof!
From everyone at Barley House Group, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!
And if your company Christmas tree is just a bit different, we’d love to see a picture, so please share with us @barleyhousegrp